We Have a Passionate Team, Here For You

We Have a Passionate Team, Here For You

The Team That Works…..

Working with a team of 5 professionals means that a team member is always available to assist or answer any questions. Drawing from each other’s strengths & experiences means your transaction is carefully and thoughtfully managed from many perspectives.

We’re Dedicated & It Shows

With over 30 years of combined experience in real estate.

As residents of the Brighton area the Arbuckle Herrington Group has intimate & long-standing relationships with the community. Reputation in the industry for knowledge, thoroughness, efficiency and client care.

Vanessa Freeman
Vanessa Freeman Unlicensed Assistant
Kim Herrington
Kim Herrington Sales Representative
Meghan Arbuckle
Meghan Arbuckle Sales Representative
Chris Herrington
Chris Herrington Sales Representative
Jacquie Arbuckle
Jacquie Arbuckle Sales Representative

How We're Unique

  • Valuations

    Using resources exclusively available to registered members of Real Estate in Ontario and the QDAR we research the market, arrive at an agreed upon price range and further discuss a successful pricing strategy with you.

  • Staging

    Home staging consultations assess the finer pointes of making your property it's most appealing to the most buyers. Services include furniture and accessory rentals, decluttering and packing services along with storage for excess items.

  • Marketing

    Accurately presenting an approachable & appealing property along with utilizing well-executed, appropriate resources and an astute knowledge of how to capture various buyer segments

  • Networks

    Working with a well-connected, locally based team with a divers network of community and industry connections is a key aspect to a successful marketing plan.

We’re Here To Help Along The Way

Let’s talk, and help you put a plan in place that works for you.

Experienced home Buyers & Sellers know that there’s more to look for than a good neighbourhood & a sturdy foundation. Coming armed with expert advice & working with great professionals is key.

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